4 instances when your roof might be damaged

There are a number of scenarios where your roof might suffer significant damage. Sometimes a problem can build up a long period of time, or something might happen suddenly and catch you off guard.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience issues with your roof as a result of any of the following, you’ll be pleased to know that roofers in Leyland can carry out the necessary repair work for you.

  1. Storm

We’re not talking a couple of broken tiles here – storms can sometimes be so violent that they cause a lot of damage. Heavy wind may break tiles or blow them off the roof, creating gaps through which water can leak and therefore damage the inside of your building as well as the outside. Excess rainwater can also cause parts of your roof to weaken and rot away.

  1. Snow

You might not think a few snowflakes would be capable of causing such damage, but sometimes the weight of snow on a roof is such that it can cause it to fall in. This could happen after a flash of heavy snowfall, but damage may also occur as a result of snow sitting on a roof for quite a while, over a period of a few days or weeks.

  1. Fire

Fire can damage your roof’s timber to the point where it’s so weak that a completely new roof is needed on your building. It could also burn large, gaping holes through the roof, leaving your loft exposed to the elements.

  1. Nesting animals

Animals setting up home in your roof can sometimes cause damage to it, for instance, by creating holes. In such instances, you’ll need to get rid of the pests and ask roofers to assess how the damage can be rectified.