Build your own Wheelie Bin Storage

Though wheelie bins obviously have their purpose, they look extremely unattractive both when they are stored in your garden and when put out on the street for collection. If there is one common thing that blights how homes look up and down the country it is the selection of wheelie bins that simply look out of place and aesthetically ugly.

Whilst there is not too much that can be done about how ugly our streets look on collection days, having a wheelie bin store to put your bins away for the remainder of the week can have your home and garden once again looking tidy and pretty.

There are a number of wheelie bin stores that are available to buy but these can sometimes be expensive, especially when you consider how easy it can be just to build them yourselves. They do not take too much effort to build, not cost a lot but can have a magnificent benefit to your home and garden.

They can even add character to your garden as well as removing the wheelie bin eyesores, with some designs even incorporating flowerbeds on the top.

Tools and Materials

There are not as many tools and materials needed as you would first imagine. You will only need basic tools such as a hammer, drill, spade and shovel whilst the materials needed would be timber such as that from wooden pallets, a few paving slabs and some corrugated iron for the roof of the shed. That is all that you will require apart from some elbow grease and a couple of hours of your time.

If you are able to spare a day, building a wheelie bin store can be a great way of making use of it. We all know how ugly these bins can looks, especially when they are bulging out of the top with rubbish, so why not take a little time to build an attractive little shed to keep the out of sight,

How To Build

There are a number of video tutorials that can be found on YouTube that will be able to better explain what needs to be done and the specifics involved, but this guide will give you a brief overview of what you will need to do.

First you will have to decide how big you want the wheelie bin store to be and that will usually depend on just how many wheelie bins that you have. You will then have to decide where the most practical place to have the shed located. It is a good idea to have it as close to your home as possible to make it easier to throw out your rubbish.

Once you have the location all sorted out and you know how big you need the shed to be, simply cut out an area of turf so that when you put the paving stones down they are level with the remaining turf. Level it all out and then place your paving slabs.

You then have to concentrate on the shed itself by using timber to make the frames for each side of the shed. Do remember that one side of the shed will have to have a door that can be opened so that the bins can be easily removed and put back.

You will need to use hinges for the door and the roof of the wheelie bin store and everything must of course be completely level to ensure durability and strength. The roof will be constructed of a frame much like the others but will include corrugated iron to protect the bins from the rain.

If you have used old wooden pallets, these can be cleaned up and treated with wood stains to really make them look the part.

The End Result

Once the wheelie bin store has been built you will now have a practical place to keep your bins that will not only keep your wheelie bins out of mind and out of sight but also out of the reach of animals that love nothing more than going through your bins at night.

You will surely become the envy of your neighbours who will more than likely follow suit with their own construction.

If you can’t be bothered or don’t feel competent or capable of building your own wheelie bin store, My Garden Storage have a beautiful range of wooden wheelie bin stores for you to browse.