Garden & Yard Storage Ideas

Are you a fan of gardening? Like spending time sunbathing? Like being outdoors?

If this is you, you probably have sat in your garden or yard and wondered about ways of making it look a bit tidy or prettier. There are a few ways you can turn a small yard or rambling garden into the perfect sanctuary with not much work, or simply hiding the more unattractive parts.

If you haven’t got room for a shed, you can get small outdoor cupboards that you can store tools and pots and other garden paraphernalia in. You can utilise the walls or your garage and put up shelves or hooks to hang items on. If space really is at a premium you can store your kit in a portable setup so you can simply carry it outside when you need it.

One big problem in yards and gardens is bins. Wheelie bins are not the most attractive, and sometimes you get sick of looking at them! We love My Garden Storage’s solutions – a beautiful wooden construction that hides your bins and recycling boxes from view. They are brilliant in that you can still easily access them when you need to, for example when you take the bins out or need to put some rubbish away.

Have a look at their garden storage solutions here.