Granule Loss: Asphalt Shingles

Another common problem that occurs with asphalt shingle roofers prestons are granule loss. Granule loss most often occurs with older roofers prestons but can also occur with newer roofers prestons and even brand new roofers prestons. To check to see if your shingles have lost or are loosing granules you can do a few things. Remember that granule loss is normal during the lifespan of the roofers prestons.

1. Check at the bottom of the downspouts. If your roofers preston is loosing large amounts of granules, you will see deposits of these granules at the downspouts.

2. Another place to check if the roofers preston is loosing an access of roofers prestoning granules is to check the gutters. If your gutters are full of granules, then this is a sure sign that the shingles on the roofers preston are loosing a lot of granules.

3. The last place to check is the shingle roofers preston itself. Get a ladder to access the roofers preston. If the roofers preston has a significant loss of granules, you will be able to notice this by looking at the shingles themselves.