Removing Damages Slates

If the slate has broken then a replacement will be required. Remove the existing broken slate see removing a damaged slate. Check with a builder’s yard for a spare slate. Otherwise look for a similar piece of slate. Slates come in varying sizes and colours. Always try to get slate of a similar colour to make the repair less conspicuous. The slate should also be the same thickness. Mark the shape and size of the replacement slate on the back of a piece of slate and with a sharp point of a tile cutter, score the surface as deeply as possible. Then with bevelled side down, keeping the cutting edge in line with the side of a bench, use a bricklayer’s trowel to chop the edge.

It is important to use the side of the bench as a guideline. Repeat on all sides needing to be cut. Once the tile is the correct size, mark the position of the nail holes and drill them out, using a bit size similar to the nail size. If you have a few tiles to cut, consider hiring a slate cutter or angle grinder to enable good Roof Repairs Leyland, clean edges.  If a slate has slipped or shifted from its position then it is probably due to corrosion of the supporting fixing nails.

A slate ripper is a flat tool with cutting barbs at the end. Slip a slate ripper under the centre of the slate. This will enable you to locate the hooked end over the fixing nail. The steel blade slips under the slate until one of the barbs of the arrow shaped tip hooks round the nail that is driven into the roof batten. Once engaged, pull out the nail by pulling down on the tool or giving a hammer blow on the curved handle. If the nail is proving difficult, the tool will cut through the nail. Repeat the procedure with the second fixing nail and remove. It may be necessary to remove both fixing nails before slipping the slate back into position. Slate rippers can be hired, check out the prices before purchasing the tool.